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Desk’s color. Is it important?

It is no secret that the colors around us can influence our mood, performance and even health. Therefore, choosing things that will be in front of your eyes, pay attention to their color. Of course, this applies to the choice of furniture, and in particular to the choice of tables and desks.

Traditionally, the desks, as well as other furniture, made of wood and usually not painted, but covered with transparent varnish. This, of course, does not mean that all desks had the same color. Even the wood of a tree has different colors depending on the method of processing and its age. However, sometimes they paint wooden desks with colored inks. Especially often do with furniture for children. In my opinion, no painting can not compare in beauty with the texture of natural wood, such as cherries.

Interesting solutions are found in glass desks. Of course, the glass itself can be any color or be transparent with a slight tint. But besides this, such desks are sometimes equip illuminated from within. Color of a light may be constant or vary. It looks very good especially in a dark room. In this case, you can easily change the color of your situation, depending on the circumstances and your mood.

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